The Best Zip Taps And Stylish Sinks Combinations

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The zip hydro tap is everything that any home owner would want to be included in their bathrooms and kitchens. It aptly comes as the cherry on top of the cake. It is stylish, modern, sleek and very functional. Therefore, it is almost a given that any home owner with an eye for style and design would pairs the tap with a plain and unimaginative sink.

How To Pair Up Zip Taps With The Right Type Of Sinks

To ensure that you create a truly uniform and alluring theme in your bathing space, one of the key aspects that should be in conformity is the tap-sink combination. The good thing about the zip hydro tap is that it can be paired with almost any sink theme out there. Whether you as the home owner have an inclination towards classic and elegant sinks or the modern and vogue equivalents, it will fit in just right.

  1. Sterile Stainless Steel And Zip Tap Combo

You simply cannot go wrong with stainless steel. Its beauty is in its simplicity and the undulating grey surface of the stainless steel sink will complement the bold zip tap perfectly; acting as a nice background to the tap. In addition, due to its durability, stainless steel will not be affected by the high temperatures of boiling water that the zip hydro tap is capable of producing.

Moreover stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials available in the market, its non-porous properties and relative lack of crevices and cracks means that bacteria and mildew will not flourish.

  1. Stone Is In Vogue Again

Let your creative juices flow and install your new zip hydro tap with a stone sink. The contrast of a metallic, modern and technology laden tap against an earthy and uniform stone sink will catch the eye of all who venture into your kitchen and is sure to attract their approval.

The benefits of installing this combination is that stone sinks are hewn out of one whole block and are not held together with seams in which dirt pieces will eventually accumulate. Stone is also very heat resistant and this works well to tolerate the boiled and chilled water from your hydro tap.

  1. Copper And Zip

Copper will work well with the zip hydro tap based on its ability to resist rusting and its antimicrobial properties. According to the International Copper Association, only copper alloys of above 60% concentration are given EPA registration to antimicrobial characteristics, hence making them suitable for your usage with the zip hydro tap.

Cooper is also durable and will protect your zinc tap from damage in the long term. Install this tap and enjoy your sparkling water poured fresh from the hydro tap.

Final Piece Of Advice

A zip tap may be quite hard on your finances and rightly so considering all the benefits you and your household gets to enjoy once you install it. Therefore, it is highly advisable that your budget for the new sink is adjusted accordingly to avoid spending too on one small aspect of your renovation project. All taps approved for use by the Australian Standards must contain the Watermark Logo. Happy renovating!