Washing Machine Accessories You Shouldn’t Do Without

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Doing laundry can be a tedious experience, especially if you really dislike the task. As a result, anything that can make the clothes washing and drying experience and everything that surrounds it just a bit less hectic is something that will reduce the stress of everyday living. There are some washing machine accessories that can take some of the stress of “laundry day” away so you can focus on other things that bring you joy.

Lint traps for washing machines

are used for filtering out the lint that is created from clothes during the wash cycle and comes out with the discharge water during the washing machine’s spin cycle. These are mesh screens that are shaped kind of like a tube sock and are made out of stainless steel, aluminum or nylon and attach to the end of the laundry machine’s discharge hose. Filtering out the lint is helpful because it keeps the pipes from getting clogged with goo and needing to be changed and it also protects the septic system drainage field from getting filled with non biodegradable material which will eventually block the drainage field from draining properly. The one thing about these lint catchers is that they can only be used on machines that empty into a sink and not directly into drainage hose in the wall or floor.

Anti walk silent feet washer pads

These are pads, usually disc shaped that are typically made out of a sturdy rubber and go under the feet, or stand marks of the washing machine. Some brands of these washer pads are made of soft enough rubber that they conform to the specific washer feet so they look like part of the machine. These silent feet washer pads absorb the vibration of the washing machine when it gets in one of those states where the clothes aren’t evenly distributed and the machine sounds like it wants to march itself right out of the laundry room. With these washer pads, it reduces the sound and vibration so it isn’t as nerve wracking when it happens, or just completely eliminates the mild vibrations that are more common, thus making for a quieter and less stressful washing experience.

Laundry machine cleaner

The more you use your washing machine, the more opportunity it has to pick up certain odors and smells, especially those that could be a consistent variety such as second hand smoke, pet smells, urine or rancid sweat. Washing machine cleaner helps to kill the microorganisms that can create the nasty odors that can build up over time. A good brand will also clean out the detergent residues that attract dirt and grime and make your machine look disgusting. Some of them will also remove the limescale build up that can often occur in areas where there is hard water. Washing machine cleaner can be used once a month to keep your machine clean and is very inexpensive to buy.

Washing machine stands

Washing machine stands come in two types. The first one is a more basic stand that gives a bit more stability to the washing machine and raises it above the floor a few inches. This is a good way to add height if needed for example, fitting the hose to a sink or drainage hose, or for placing the machine on a rough surface.

The second kind of washing machine stand is more like a pedestal. They come in different colors so that they can match the color of the washing machine. One of the benefits of using a pedestal is that they come with storage space where you can keep your detergents, fabric softeners and other related items.

These are some of the accessories that can make your laundry experience less stressful. The good news is that these solutions are very affordable and low cost.